We are currentely developing an exciting new luxury tea life style brand 1660 LONDON. We are delighted to announce that the first product designed for 1660 LONDON, 3 Tasting Cups have been awarded a Best New Product Award for 2012 World Tea Expo.
Click HERE to see the information about the upcoming exhibtion "dubh – dialogues in black" that Brian is working on.
Brian Kennedy dubh-dialogues in black
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Brian Kennedy Material Potry   Brian Kennedy Crafted Creatures
Wallpaper 2011.Feb.
Wallpaper 2011.Feb. Peter Ting   Wallpaper 2011.Feb. Peter Ting          
FT How to spend it, 2011, Feb.
FT How to spend it, 2011, Feb. Peter Ting   FT How to spend it, 2011, Feb. Peter Ting   FT How to spend it, 2011, Feb.   FT How to spend it, 2011, Feb.  
FT How to spend it, 2010, Nov.
How to Spend it 2011 Feb. Peter Ting   How to Spend it 2011 Feb. Peter Ting   How to Spend it 2011 Feb. Peter Ting   How to Spend it 2011 Feb. Peter Ting   How to Spend it 2011 Feb. Peter Ting  

APRIL 29, 2011, Peter Ting's Constellation Manhattan is featured on THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Click HERE to view more.

Peter Ting Constellation Manhattan THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
FT How to spend it 2010, Dec, 10
FT_HowToSpendIt_2010_12   FT_HowToSpendIt_2010_12

Royal Crown Derby ‘Imari’ pattern pet bowls by Peter Ting (Click here to read more about it)

Imari Dog Bowl Peter Ting 20ltd Imari Dog Bowl Peter Ting 20ltd Imari Dog Bowl Peter Ting 20ltd


Museum of Art and Design, 2 Columbus Circle    New York, NY    10019
20th September 2010 to Feb 2011
Peter Ting Museum of Art and Design New York
Peter Ting Museum of Art and Design New York
Peter Ting Museum of Art and Design New York

The American Irish Historical Society

991 Fifth Ave New York NY10028
October 8th to November 18th 2010


MATERIALpoetrywill highlight the best of the new wave of design/craft emerging from Ireland. International curator Brian Kennedy will focus on Irish makers whose work is infused with a poetic simplicity and a material honesty.

Milestone exhibitions such as Forty Shades of Green, 2005 and Ecology, Mythology, Technology, 2007 exhibited design/craft alongside art, architecture and literature to give the audience a greater understanding of the inter-relationships between the different cultural productions of Ireland. These exhibitions toured, and have helped to give this generation of Irish artists/makers their own distinct “voice” in an international setting.

Kennedy’s latest exhibition MATERIALpoetrycontinues to explore and define this “voice”. Having spent 2006-2009 bringing together the best of Irish work to art fairs such as SOFA Chicago and COLLECT London, he believed that a common interest in the truth of material and an honesty of form underpins the best of the new wave of Irish design/craft. These artists have a deep understanding of materiality and technique, and infuse this great knowledge into beautifully understated and poetic pieces. These works resonate with a calm quite confidence and slip easily and elegantly into our lives to add a depth and feeling to the spaces we occupy without clamouring for attention.

Museum of Art and Design, 2 Columbus Circle    New York, NY    10019
20th September 2010 to Feb 2011

As part of MAD’s re hang of their permanent collection, Artist Peter Ting has been invited to showcase his one off dinner service. Constellation Manhattan, is a one off service consisting of eight place settings and various large serving pieces.
Ting creates this dinner service in conjunction with the grand British bone china manufacturer, Royal Crown Derby.
A modern interpretation of the traditional Imari pattern, though associated strongly with Royal Crown Derby’s Britishness; has it’s origins from the Chinese Ming dynasty docai porcelain, then travelled to Japan before arriving in England and produced by Royal Crown Derby in the early 1800’s.

MAD will also be showing Ting’s new one off candle sticks, created from the unusual mix of various components of Royal Crown Derby shapes. These playful but exquisitely executed items (all the fittings are in silver gilt) conjure up Rococo referencing it’s modernity.

Ting’s one off design, Constellation Shuffle, a 5 piece bone china plate collage, will be joining his production design Hachi, (Japanese for 8) as part of the recent acquisition for MAD’s permanent collection of tableware design.


Hachi Peter Ting RCD

Press Release. Exhibition

Bluecoat Display Centre. Liverpool. UK

Shanghai Exposure 1 May – 19 June 2010

 As part of our artistic exhibition programme this year in Liverpool, we are celebrating the links that the city is proactively encouraging in 2010 with Shanghai, China. Liverpool is the only city apart from London to have its own pavilion at the large international expo that is taking place there during 2010.

Historically, Liverpool has a long tradition of involvement with China, with China Trade ceramics, textiles and metalware being imported in huge quantities during the 18th and 19th centuries.

 We are keen to explore contemporary influences of the Chinese culture that are present in the work of artists currently working in the U.K. and exhibit it at the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool. 

 Confirmed artists include

Li-Sheng Cheng creates functional silverware and jewellery ranging from textured rings, earrings and bangles to unusual shaped dishes and beakers. Inherited from her Chinese culture and upbringing, she is inspired by the ideas and thoughts that “everything has a life, which should to be cherished and respected”.

Ken Eastman began working with the Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company in 2006. Working with original pattern manuscripts from the Derby factory archives, Eastman became absorbed in their originality and wonderful sense of colour and composition. The new range of work was launched in Paris, New York and London in 2009.

Claire Lowe’s work combines a selection of materials predominantly plastics, including acrylic sheet and epoxy and polyester resins. “I enjoy mixing materials to create new and exciting combinations, for example my use of tea leaves within resin”. This progressed from studying the traditions of loose tea and the introduction of the tea bag.

Paul Scott‘s work involves the digital manipulation of established vocabularies of printed motif, pattern and image from industrial ceramic archives and engraved book illustration. Cloning and collaging these, sometimes with photographic elements,” I create contemporary artworks in ceramic and printed form”.

Peter Ting is a highly creative and well-respected ceramics and crystal designer. Ting has worked for over 20 years within the luxury sector, currently with Asprey London, Royal Crown Derby and previously at Thomas Goode, both as design director and MD of Thomas Goode Manufacturing Unit.

Anthony Wong specialises in the design and manufacture of exciting, innovative, contemporary hand made jewellery and precious objects. Purity of materials, method and form captivates- Distilling and paring designs to the minimum form to produce a piece with a timeless interest, an element of fun and intangible beauty.

 (We will also be endeavoring to develop relationships with suitable partner organisations that might enable contemporary work from the UK to gain exposure in Shanghai, so would welcome any feedback on this subject).

 Bluecoat Display centre, 50-51 the Bluecoat, College Lane Entrance, Liverpool L1 3BZ

email:              Tel: +44 (0)151 7094014     

Open Mon – Sat 10am. – 5.30pm. Sunday 12-5pm.              Admission Free


Dec 2009

See the new press release here

November 2009

Peter Ting just re-discovered the video of his installation at V&A Museum in 2001. You can find it from HERE




September 2009

Brian Kennedy has been invited to participate as a panelist at the 2009 Crafts Biennale Symposium in Korea.

Article in US Food and Wine magazine featuring Brian Kennedy and Peter Ting at their house share in Ireland.
Food and Wine September 2009 issue article

Article by Emma Crichton-Miller in the Financial Times Sat 22nd August 2009, mentioning Peter Ting and his work for Royal Crown Derby.
Financial Times Sat 22nd August 2009 article

May 2009

- Brian curated the Crafts Council of Ireland stand at Collect 09

April 2009

- Crafts Council appoints four new Trustees

The Crafts Council have appointed four new Trustees including two Maker Trustees to join the board.   

The Crafts Council is the national development agency for contemporary craft in the UK. We want to make the UK the best place in the world to see, make and collect contemporary craft.  The four new Trustees all have an exemplary record of achievement in their own careers, proven skill at strategic planning and excellent interpersonal and advocacy skills and they all share a passion for contemporary craft. 

The new Trustees are; 

Stephen Dixon; a ceramicist and Professorial Research Fellow in Contemporary Crafts at Manchester Metropolitan University.  Stephen Dixon is an internationally renowned maker and researcher and his work in both areas will contribute to critical debate and thinking around contemporary craft. 

Dorothy Hogg MBE; a jeweller and educator. Dorothy Hogg took up post as Head of Silversmithing and Jewellery at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1985, becoming Professor Emeritus in 2007.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is held in collections all over the world.  Her experience in higher education will contribute greatly to the maker development area of the Crafts Council’s work. 

Peter Ting; a ceramicist based in London. Peter Ting works internationally as a design consultant with companies such as Asprey, Thomas Goode and Royal Crown Derby.  His experience will provide a vital link to the design and retail sectors contributing to the market development area of the Crafts Council’s work.

Andrea Nixon; Executive Director of Tate Liverpool and based in the North West.  Andrea will bring much institutional experience and fundraising skills to the Crafts Council and as a member of the Arts Council England North West board she will provide a very useful context to our regional work.    

All new Trustees will start in April 2009. 

For further information please contact Jill Read, Press Officer, Crafts Council, 020 7806 2549,